Gluten Free

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We craft a number of pie flavours gluten-free, dairy-free and both GF and DF. Please ask our staff for details of flavours currently available, or pre-order from the range listed.

GF/DF Pies are $3 on top of  regular pies price


Roast Vegetables in a Cheese Mornay Sauce GF

Award Winning Thai Coconut Curry with Creamed Kumara GF/ DF – VEGAN 

Mental Lentil GF/DF VEGAN

Roast Chicken with Mushroom and Tarragon GF
Creamy Butter Chicken GF
Gourmet Mince GF/DF
Pioneer’s Mince with Kumara GF
Mince and Tasty Cheese GF
Tender Steak GF/DF
Tender Steak with Tasty Cheese GF
Steak with Cracked Pepper GF/DF
Braised Beef with Cabernet Sauvingnon GF/DF
Braised Beef with Blue Vein GF
Tender Steak with Pan-fried Mushrooms GF
Caramelised Pork Belly with Kumara and Apple GF

Home-style Bacon and Egg GF

To place an order please contact us.  021643225


Although, we ensure this range is kept separate from our regular pies, and we take extreme care to sanitise our prep area and use separate equipment – we leave it up to individual’s judgement as we work within small premises with lots of products containing gluten and dairy, so cross-contamination may occur.

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