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Chicken Pies:

Butter chicken Pioneer Pie

Creamy Butter Chicken Pie $7,5 

Slow roasted Chicken with Mushroom and Tarragon Sauce $7,5

Pork Pies (preorders only):

Caramelized Pork Belly with Kumara and ApplePie $8.5

Steak Pies:Steak and red wine Pioneer Pie

Gourmet Steak Pie $5.5

Steak and Guinness $7

Steak and Red Wine $7

Steak and Mushroom Pie $7

Steak and Kidney Pie ( preorder only ) $8.5

Braised Beef with Blue Vein Pie $7

Steak with Tasty Cheese Pie $6

Steak with Cracked Pepper Pie $7

Lamb pies ( preorders only ):

Lamb with Roast Vegetables $8.5

Mince Pies:

Mince and cheese Pioneer Pie
Mince and cheese Pioneer Pie

Pioneer Gourmet Mince Pie $4,5

Mince and Tasty Cheese Pie $5

Mince and Kumara Pie $6

Vegetable and Vegan Pies:

Vegetable Pioneer Pie

Seasonal Roast Vegetables in a Cheese Mornay Sauce $6.5

Thai Vegetable Curry with Creamed Kumara Pie VEGAN $6.5

Mental Lentil VEGAN $6.5


Homestyle Bacon and Egg Pie $4.5

Free-farmed pork, Sausage Rolls $6.5

Free-farmed pork, Sausage Rolls with Blue Vein $7

* For Gluten Free options add $3 per pie, and for Family Size add $15 per pie.

 To order:  And collect from our store.
*For some orders we might be able to organise delivery, please ask.