Traditional Mince – Single $5 or 6 pies $26

Premium mince slow- cooked in our secret recipe of wholesome ingredients to produce a quality classic. Loved by kids and adults alike, a no-frills pie for any occasion that is bursting with flavour.

Mince and Tasty Cheese – Single $6 or 6 pies $32

A Kiwi classic, loved by many and you can’t beat our version for flavour. Our traditional mince recipe topped with a generous handful of tasty cheese to ensure each bite is a taste sensation.

Braised Beef – Single $6.50 or 6 pies $35

Simplicity at it’s best. Chunks of premium steak, slow-cooked in our secret recipe with minimal wholesome ingredients, to tender, mouth-watering perfection.

Steak and Tasty Cheese – Single $7.00 or 6 pies $38

Our best-seller and an absolute must-try. Tender chunks of premium steak in a rich gravy, topped with generous handful of tasty cheese.

Home-Style Bacon and Egg – Single $5 or 6 pies $26

Another Kiwi favourite, just like Nana makes….except better! Well, we will let you be the judge of that. Free-range bacon and eggs, with cheddar cheese, onion, tomato and seasoning. Formerly known as our ‘Breakfast Pie’, we thought, never mind that, this pie is good enough for lunch, dinner, and any other time you get a hankering for this popular pie. Delicious hot or cold, this pie is a winner every time.

Steak and Cracked Pepper $7.50

Only serious pepper lovers need apply! This pie isn’t called Steak and Cracked Pepper for nothing, when we say it’s peppery we stand by our claim…tender premium steak in a rich gravy, finished with with cracked New York style peppercorns. A meaty, peppery taste sensation not for the faint-hearted!

Steak and Mushroom $7.50

Tender chunks of premium beef steak in a rich gravy, topped with fresh, sliced mushrooms to create a mouth-watering culinary experience that leaves you wanting more!

Steak and Kidney $7.50

This retro-classic was brought to you due to extreme pressure from our customers who craved a taste of the memory of eating this pie as a child.

It’s now a firm favourite with our customers; we always welcome flavour suggestions!