Dairy free

GF/DF Traditional Mince $8.00

Premium mince slow- cooked in our secret recipe of wholesome ingredients to produce a quality classic. Loved by kids and adults alike, a no-frills pie for any occasion that is bursting with flavour.

GF/DF Braised Beef $9.00

Simplicity at it’s best. Chunks of premium steak, slow-cooked in our secret recipe with minimal wholesome ingredients, to tender, mouth-watering perfection.

GF/DF Steak and Cracked Pepper $10.50

Only serious pepper lovers need apply!

This pie isn’t called Steak and Cracked Pepper for nothing, when we say it’s peppery we stand by our claim…tender premium steak in a rich gravy, finished with with cracked New York style peppercorns.

A meaty, peppery taste sensation not for the faint-hearted!    

GF/DF Steak and Mushroom $10.50

Tender chunks of premium beef steak in a rich gravy, topped with fresh, sliced mushrooms to create a mouth-watering culinary experience that leaves you wanting more!

GF/DF Steak and Kidney $10.50

This retro-classic was brought to you due to extreme pressure from our customers who craved a taste of the memory of eating this pie as a child.

It’s now a firm favourite with our customers; we always welcome flavour suggestions!

GF/DF Vegan Thai Coconut $10.00

This pie is just a little bit special … 100% vegan and the winning recipe for the inaugural NZ National Vegan Pie Awards. A firm favourite by many pie lovers looking for a tasty, nutritious alternative to the classics. A rainbow of chunky, organic veges including: carrots, kumara, pumpkin, silverbeet, and green beans; marinated in Thai-inspired spices, herbs and coconut cream and combined with corn and chickpeas for protein. This pie is light, fresh and well balanced but packs a punch and is bursting with flavour.

GF/DF Vegan Mental Lentil $10.00

At Pioneer Pie Co. we like to let loose occasionally, maybe even go a little bit mental….with lentils!! Introducing our vegan Mental Lentil: red and brown organic lentils braised with tomatoes, herbs, spices, and a splash of red wine to create a hearty, healthy pie.

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We are still building our online store, if you would like to place an order in the meantime, please email  carla@pioneerpies.co.nz and we can arrange any of our pies for you