Gluten Free

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GF/DF Traditional Mince $8.00

Premium mince slow- cooked in our secret recipe of wholesome ingredients to produce a quality classic. Loved by kids and adults alike, a no-frills pie for any occasion that is bursting with flavour.

GF/DF Braised Beef $9.00

Simplicity at it’s best. Chunks of premium steak, slow-cooked in our secret recipe with minimal wholesome ingredients, to tender, mouth-watering perfection.

GF/DF Steak and Cracked Pepper $10.50

Only serious pepper lovers need apply!

This pie isn’t called Steak and Cracked Pepper for nothing, when we say it’s peppery we stand by our claim…tender premium steak in a rich gravy, finished with with cracked New York style peppercorns.

A meaty, peppery taste sensation not for the faint-hearted!    

GF/DF Steak and Mushroom $10.50

Tender chunks of premium beef steak in a rich gravy, topped with fresh, sliced mushrooms to create a mouth-watering culinary experience that leaves you wanting more!

GF/DF Steak and Kidney $10.50

This retro-classic was brought to you due to extreme pressure from our customers who craved a taste of the memory of eating this pie as a child.

It’s now a firm favourite with our customers; we always welcome flavour suggestions!

GF Mince and Tasty Cheese $9.00

A Kiwi classic, loved by many and you can’t beat our version for flavour. Our traditional mince recipe topped with a generous handful of tasty cheese to ensure each bite is a taste sensation.

GF Steak and Tasty Cheese $10.00

Our best-seller and an absolute must-try. 

Tender chunks of premium steak in a rich gravy, topped with generous handful of tasty cheese.


GF Home-Style Bacon and Egg $8.00

Another Kiwi favourite, just like Nana makes….except better! Well, we will let you be the judge of that. Free-range bacon and eggs, with cheddar cheese, onion, tomato and seasoning. Formerly known as our ‘Breakfast Pie’, we thought, never mind that, this pie is good enough for lunch, dinner, and any other time you get a hankering for this popular pie. Delicious hot or cold, this pie is a winner every time.

GF Braised Beef and Blue Vein 10.50

Yep, we are pretty proud of this one. Our award-winning Braised Beef and Blue Vein pie combines our world famous (in NZ) tender steak in rich gravy with the sharp, salty tang of blue vein cheese. Don’t question why – it simply works and once tasted you won’t look back.

GF Organic Chicken with Mushroom and Tarragon $11.50

We use only the best quality, organic, free-range chicken from Bostock’s, Hawke’s Bay. The chicken is slow-roasted to ensure the moisture and flavour is locked in; then combined with the most decadent sauce made with butter, cream, mushrooms and tarragon to give a French flavour flair. Ooh La La! Bon Appetite!

GF Organic Creamy Butter Chicken $11.50

Slow-roasted organic free-range Bostock’s chicken smothered in our own Butter Chicken sauce. Rich, smooth and creamy, this pie is a real treat to eat.

GF/DF Vegan Thai Coconut $10.00

This pie is just a little bit special … 100% vegan and the winning recipe for the inaugural NZ National Vegan Pie Awards. A firm favourite by many pie lovers looking for a tasty, nutritious alternative to the classics. A rainbow of chunky, organic veges including: carrots, kumara, pumpkin, silverbeet, and green beans; marinated in Thai-inspired spices, herbs and coconut cream and combined with corn and chickpeas for protein. This pie is light, fresh and well balanced but packs a punch and is bursting with flavour.

GF/DF Vegan Mental Lentil $10.00

At Pioneer Pie Co. we like to let loose occasionally, maybe even go a little bit mental….with lentils!! Introducing our vegan Mental Lentil: red and brown organic lentils braised with tomatoes, herbs, spices, and a splash of red wine to create a hearty, healthy pie.

GF Vegetarian ‘Quorn’ Butter Chicken-Less $10.00

This pie is an absolute stand out. We take ‘Quorn’ chicken-style pieces and marinate them in our secret blend of Butter Chicken spices before simmering them with tomatoes and double cream to create our special sauce. Creamy, mild and sweet with a fabulous flavour profile.

GF Vegetarian ‘Quorn’ Not Mince and Cheese $10.00

A tasty twist on the Kiwi classic using ‘Quorn’ Mince; braised with onion, tomatoes and herbs and topped with a generous amount of tasty vegetarian cheese – this is not to be missed.

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Although, we ensure this range is kept separate from our regular pies, and we take extreme care to sanitise our prep area and use separate equipment – we leave it up to individual’s judgement as we work within small premises with lots of products containing gluten and dairy, so cross-contamination may occur.

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