Braised Beef and Blue Vein – Single $7.50 or 6 pies $40

Yep, we are pretty proud of this one. Our award-winning Braised Beef and Blue Vein pie combines our world famous (in NZ) tender steak in rich gravy with the sharp, salty tang of blue vein cheese. Don’t question why – it simply works and once tasted you won’t look back!

Steak and Red Wine  – Single $7.50 or 6 pies $40

A sophisticated, elegant choice. Premium tender chunks of steak marinated in a hearty splash of Otago’s famous Pinot Noir to create this classy masterpiece. It’s wine o’clock somewhere in the world!

Steak and Guinness  – Single $7.50 or 6 pies $40

Guinness – the Irish favourite; a much revered beverage, even claimed by some to impart health benefits. Combine this famous Celtic stout with our premium braised beef and the magic happens. Slainte!

Organic Chicken with Mushroom and Tarragon $8.50

We use only the best quality, organic, free-range chicken from Bostock’s, Hawke’s Bay. The chicken is slow-roasted to ensure the moisture and flavour is locked in; then combined with the most decadent sauce made with butter, cream, mushrooms and tarragon to give a French flavour flair. Ooh La La! Bon Appetite!

Organic Creamy Butter Chicken $8.50

Slow-roasted organic free-range Bostock’s chicken smothered in our own Butter Chicken sauce. Rich, smooth and creamy, this pie is a real treat to eat.

Tender Lamb with Roast Vegetables $8.50

New Zealand Lamb slow roasted until tender and bathed in a gravy of it’s own juices and a rainbow of caramelized roast vegetables. Say no more…Kiwi Sunday Roast in a pie….

Caramelised Pork Belly with Kumara and Apple $8.50

In the words of Dave Dobbyn, this really is a “Slice of Heaven”. We slow-cook our Free Range Pork Belly for 7 hours to allow it to caramelise so it simply melts in your mouth. Add roasted kumara, apple pan-fried in butter and cinnamon; coat in a light gravy made with the pork juices, and garnish the pie with crispy crackling and the result is more than something a little bit special.