Our Sustainability Plan

Pioneer Pie Co. is committed to waste minimization to help reduce the waste generated by all operations of business and to becoming as sustainable as possible in our industry.

Pioneer Pie Co. will:

  • Identify, implement and promote the best practice waste minimization
  • Provide a work place that supports waste minimization practices
  • Work closely with its employees, suppliers and community to develop and implement waste management initiatives
  • Encourage the identification of issues and ideas for improvement
  • Be fully aware of all waste management requirements and ensure these are met and, if possible, improved
  • Monitor the implementation of this plan by carrying out an audit every year

Opportunities for Waste Minimisation

  • New team members to be informed direction of PPC commitment to waste minimization.
  • Supplier contracts will specify that the use of recyclable, biodegradable or reusable materials is preferred. The aim of providing a sustainable work place will be considered when choosing contractors.
  • Suppliers will be provided with a list of unacceptable materials and products that cannot be used
  • Customers and people that visit the shop will be informed that our business is committed to waste minimization.