Pioneer Pie Co ships to metro areas in North Island once a month on the 23rd, or you can collect in store on most dates

How to Order

1. Check out our pie selection in our pie range menu. For delivery please pick any 12 or 24 you would like. Delivery costs $19 per shipment. There is no limit or extra cost for pick up in store.

2. Email us your order here Once received we will send you a confirmation and an invoice for payment or you can pay on collection in store

3. Pies will be shipped on the 23rd of the month for delivery 24th, or we will confirm a pick up date in store.

Please note, as we are a Boutique pie store and our product is hand made, not mass produced, we can only ship a limited amount each month, so depending on number of orders it wont always be possible to meet demand, but we will do our very best. To avoid disappointment please order at the end of the month for delivery 24th next month.

    Introducing our pie range

    All pies are available Gluten free apart from Angus Beef & Dark Ale

    The Classics

    Traditional Mince $5  

    Keeping it simple, keeping it real. Slow cooked mince like my nanna used to make.

    Free-range Bacon and Egg $5

    Smoked manuka free range bacon, onions, cracked whole egg, tasty cheese and little tomato to retain those moisture levels.

    Mince and Tasty Cheese $6 

    Good old Kiwi classic, slow cooked mince topped with generous amount of mainland tasty cheese.

    Braised Angus Beef $6.50

    Angus beef braised & slow cooked over 16 hours; enough said!

    Angus Beef & Tasty Cheese $7 

    Kiwi love affair in a pie, our number 1 best seller and iconic national dish done right.

    Angus Beef & Kidney $7.50 

    Not everyone’s cup of tea, but for those who do enjoy we are told this is pie delicacy.

    Handmade Artisan

    Angus Beef & Red Wine $7.50 

    Slow cooked Angus beef marinated in central Otago Pinot Noir, happy days are here.

    Angus Beef & Dark Ale $7.50

    Angus beef and dark ale, yes for those Ale and Pie lovers dreams do come true.

    Steak and Cracked Pepper $7.50

    Not for the faint hearted, Angus beef topped with a good helping of cracked pepper.

    Braised Beef with Blue Vein $7.50

    One of our pie rockstars for sure.  Angus beef topped with a cubes of vintage blue Vein cheese. Our signature award-winning pie.

    Organic Creamy Butter Chicken $8.50

    A real crowd pleaser for young & old, made with our very own butter chicken sauce recipe, deliciousness all over.

    Organic Chicken in a Creamy Mushroom and Tarragon Sauce 8.50

    Our one and only CMT, countless times we have been told, it’s like it was made in heaven.

    Organic Chicken, Cranberry and Camembert 8.50

    Another showstopper this one. Chicken with cream cheese sauce, topped w a layer of Camembert and Cranberry to balance the richness.

    ‘Korkers’ Free-Range Pork Sausage Rolls $7.00

    150-year-old English sausage recipe, using free range shoulder pork, wrapped in flakey pastry, all the good flavour and no fillers.

    ‘Korker’s’ Free-Range Pork Sausage Rolls with Blue Vein $7.50

    Topped with a good helping of blue vein, selling out of this product once caused a grown man to cry.

    Vegan & Vegetarian

    Vegetarian ‘Quorn’ Not Mince and Cheese 7.00

    A traditional tomato Bolognese sauce cooked with ‘Quorn’ mince and topped with tasty cheese.

    Vegetarian ‘Quorn’ Butter Chicken-Less 7.00

    Pieces of succulent ‘Quorn’ with our very own butter chicken sauce recipe. Creamy, mild and delicious; a definite fan favourite.

    Vegan Thai Coconut with Turmeric 7.00

    Our award-winning vegan pie, filled with organic veges – kumara, pumpkin, potato, broccoli, cauliflower, red capsicum, cabbage, and chickpeas; topped with creamed corn & coconut cream and a secret blend of herbs and spices.

    Vegan Mental Lentil 7.00

    Organic lentils made with our own tomato-based bolognaise recipe, with herbs and seasonings.

    Vegan Big Brekky 7.00

    This hunger buster is a mighty pie indeed. Vegan sausage & patties, baked beans, vegan cheese and topped with a hash brown, can you feel me?!

    Gluten Free Disclaimer

    We do our very best to avoid cross contamination making all our Gluten Free pies separately after washing down all areas. But please note our kitchen is used to make non Gluten Free products also, so there is always a small risk of gluten exposure. When buying our Gluten Free pies you should exercise your own judgement

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