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Ty and Carla opened the doors to their new business in 2012 – with an idea and a dream to create a product and a brand with authentic Kiwiana flair – a pie superior than anything else on the market. They set to work in the search of pie perfection, utilising their passion for quality, ethical food choices.

After many trial and error batches over the following years, adding this and that, tweaking here and there, and adjusting cooking methods we finally settled on recipes that would go a long way to making a pie Kiwis could be proud of, and forming the heart and soul to our beloved product.

Next it was the pastry; we worked with a number of bakers in our search for pastries that could satisfy all the needs of pie lovers taking into account a number of different dietary requirements, “why should any Kiwi miss out on our national dish?” says Carla. We can now proudly say we offer five pastry types, including vegan, organic, gluten free, dairy free and even a cholesterol free pastry, all of which work to support and compliment our fillings. What a team!

The next stage was to analyse each and every ingredient ensuring we had the best suppliers in place, searching high and low for the finest providers who had similar value sets to ours, and who could offer the freshest ingredients, grown and raised in sustainable ways with no GMO’s, and either being organic or free range.

Life of pie it has been, with the journey so far exciting, with many highs, lows, successes and challenges, but nothing we would change.  We have also been lucky enough to start a family while building our business, so yes its been a little crazy, but a happy kind of crazy.

Though we are proud of where we are now,  the mission never ends in the quest for Pie Perfection, and that is what drives us, as we can always do better.

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